PSCW 2017 Specials

Stop by these shops offering the following specials all week long, while supplies last.

Adda: one coffee, three ways

Description: One coffee, three ways: 4oz batch brew, 4oz cold brew, and espresso
Shop: Adda

Commonplace Smallman: Berbere Mocha

Description: A traditional mocha kicked up with the addition of Berbere, a spice blend typically featured in Ethiopian cuisine. Rich, sweet chocolate made from Omanhene cocoa gives way to a spicy finish, providing a wonderful autumn complement of flavors; starting at $4.50.
Shop: Commonplace Smallman

Commonplace Squirrel Hill: Canadian Cappuccino

Description: Just in time for Canadian Thanksgiving, a lapsang souchong concentrate paired with maple is a unique and seasonally appropriate addition to your cappuccino (cappuccinos only).
Shop: Commonplace Squirrel Hill

Commonplace MWS: Cinnamon Oatmeal Affogato

Description: Made with local favorite Leona's ice cream, this medley of Central American single origin espresso and cinnamon apple ice cream is definitely worth the trip up to the North Side.
Shop: Commonplace MWS

Black Forge Coffee House: Flash Cold Brew Lineup

Description: Black Forge will be offering a special on Flash Cold Brew with a different coffee from local roasters from open to noon. Be sure to check in regularly!
Shop: Black Forge Coffee House

Commonplace University Square

Description: CP IPA is delighted to offer the Appalachian Iced Latte: the sassafras and vanilla combination will be the perfect segue from summer to autumn.
Shop: Commonplace University Square

Commonplace Voluto: Appleccino

Description: A cinnamon apple cider reduction incorporated with espresso and steamed milk. Is this heaven? No, it's Voluto in Autumn.
Shop: Commonplace Voluto

More Specials to Come; check back soon!