PSCW 2018 Specials

Stop by these shops offering the following specials all week long, while supplies last.


Pour Over & Espresso Pairing

Description: Adda Coffee & Tea House will be pairing a 12 oz. v60 Guatemalan pour over with a double shot Guatemalan single origin espresso for only $5 throughout PSCW! This will certainly be a must-have pairing for coffee enthusiasts!
Shop: Adda Coffee & Tea House

Cynara-Honey Cortado

Description: Pie for Breakfast, one of Pittsburgh's newest restaurants, has harnessed their creative juices and will be serving up Cynara-Honey Cortados for PSCW! If you haven't been to Pie for Breakfast yet, be sure to swing by for one of these delicious drinks and have some incredible pie (or more with a full breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu) while you're at it!
Shop: Pie for Breakfast

Smoked Cinnamon Cold Brew

Description: Commonplace Coffee Smallman Galley invites you to take a stroll through the Strip District and swing by for a new spin on cold brew coffee. Their smoked cinnamon cold brew will leave you with all the feelings of fall while still holding on to the best of iced summer drinks. Toss in a touch of vanilla for sweetness, and this drink is ideal for this time of year and PSCW. Get it all week long!
Shop: Commonplace Coffee Smallman Galley

Hot Apple Cider & Nitro Coffee

Description: Cup-Ka-Joe will be serving up not one but two delicious specials for PSCW! Grab their nitro coffee for $3.50 or their delicious hot apple cider for just $2 - don't forget to ask about adding caramel to this delicious drink! Get these specials all week long.
Shop: Cup-Ka-Joe

Apple Pie Latte

Description: Commonplace Coffee Squirrel Hill is excited to bring you a tasty new homemade syrup perfect for the fall and your next latte. Their apple pie latte offers a stunning balance of tang and spice. You'll be glad you stopped by to try this delicious latte - get it all week long.
Shop: Commonplace Coffee Squirrel Hill

25% Off Bulk Coffee

Description: East End Food Co-op will be running a special on Sunday, October 21st. All of their coffee in the bulk department will be 25% off, and they only carry certified organic, fair trade coffee, and also offer coffees from local roasters. Stop in Sunday to grab yourself some great coffee for a great price!
Shop: East End Food Co-op

Spiced Fig Latte

Description: Commonplace Coffee MWS will make your trip to the North Side worth it with this spiced fig latte. A delicious blend of seasonal fall spices are utilized in their homemade syrup, which will give your latte just the right amount of sweetness. Get this lovely drink all week long.
Shop: Commonplace Coffee Mexican War Streets (MWS)

One and One

Description: Commonplace Point Breeze is excited to offer the One and One — a split shot that appears in twin demitasse cups, with a single-shot espresso balancing a single-shot macchiato. It offers espresso with milk in an almost cappuccino-like ratio and espresso without milk. A beautiful drink and a ton of fun! Enjoy this throughout PSCW for $3.50.
Shop: Commonplace Coffee Point Breeze

Earl Grey Mocha

Description: Commonplace Coffee Voluto sits at the intersection of Garfield, East Liberty and Friendship on Penn Avenue. Just like their location, they will be treating you to the intersection of espresso, tea, and chocolate with their earl grey mocha. Enjoy this delicious and thoughtfully designed drink from the staff at Voluto. Stop by all week long to enjoy!
Shop: Commonplace Coffee Voluto

16oz. Drip & Oatmeal Cream Pie

Description: Gasoline Street is offering up a 16 oz. drip & oatmeal cream pie by 350º Bakery at the special combo price of $5 (after tax) ⛽️☕️👍🏼 Stop in now through PSCW to take advantage of this delicious deal! 🚦by @the_pgh_picker // 📸: @eldrtchbtch.
Shop: Gasoline Street Coffee Company

Coffee + Truffle Duo

Description: 4121 Main will be offering a stunning truffle and coffee pairing exclusively on the weekend days of PSCW - Saturday, October 20, Sunday, October 21, and Saturday, October 27. The pairing features their fall spice latte and apple butter truffle. Be sure to make plans and get this while you can!
Shop: 4121 Main

Coffee & Scone Pairing

Description: Anchor & Anvil Coffee Bar will be offering a medium drip of their featured coffee, Madcap's Finca de Dios, and a coffee walnut drop scone together for $4.25 OR enjoy their pairing as a pair (two of each) for $8! Available at both Anchor & Anvil locations in Ben Avon and Coraopolis. Finca de Dios is a favorite annual offering demonstrating the best qualities of Guatemalan coffees: clean and balanced. This coffee is produced by the Prentice family, now in its third generation of cultivating coffee. It is an ideal cup to blend with the spiced flavors and crisp breezes of fall in Western Pennsylvania.
Shop: Anchor & Anvil Coffee Bar

Golden Gourd Latte

Description: Curbside Coffeehouse invites you to enjoy their specialty drink for the fall, Golden Gourd — a pumpkin spice latte with turmeric steamed into the milk! This tasty drink will be available all week long during PSCW. Get a 12 oz. latte for $4.
Shop: Curbside Coffeehouse

Maple Flapjack Latte

Description: Everyday Café will be offering up a delicious seasonal drink throughout PSCW — their Maple Flapjack Latte for $3.50! The flavor includes maple, brown sugar, and caramel. Nothing says fall quite like this latte. Be sure to get yours while supplies last!
Shop: Everyday Café

Carrie Furnace

Description: HLane Dry Goods & Coffee has created the stunning Carrie Furnace specialty beverage for PSCW. What is the Carrie Furnace you ask?! It is comprised of cinnamon-infused espresso, chocolate chip cookie dough syrup, pumpkin spice syrup, and your choice of dairy. Topped with whipped cream, cinnamon, and yes, chocolate! The ultimate fall dessert coffee drink. Get it all week long!
Shop: HLane Dry Goods & Coffee

Ca Phe Trung

Description: Ineffable Ca Phe will be serving up this beautiful and unique beverage during PSCW. The Ca Phe Trung is a traditional Vietnamese egg coffee. It features a double shot of Commonplace Perpetual Espresso topped with Vietnamese egg custard and cinnamon.
Shop: Ineffable Ca Phe

Breve Honey Cinnamon Cortado

Description: Redhawk Coffee will be packing a ton of flavor into a small drink with their breve honey cinnamon cortado! This specialty beverage will be available throughout PSCW exclusively at their coffeehouse in Oakland. Also, be sure to keep an eye out for their newest location, coming soon to downtown Pittsburgh!
Shop: Redhawk Coffee

Cookie & Cortado

Description: Tazza D'Oro has created a beautiful pairing for PSCW, which includes a house-made butternut squash cookie with the purchase of a cortado or espresso. This delicious combo will only be available while supplies last. Don't miss out!
Shop: Tazza D'Oro

Coffee Old Fashioned

Description: Der Fer will be putting a slightly different spin on PSCW with their Coffee Old Fashioned! A classic cocktail with a coffee twist, this drink features Wigle wheat whiskey, Angostura, cinnamon simple syrup, coffee, orange, and Luxardo. Relax and unwind with this great PSCW special!
Shop: De Fer Coffee & Tea

More specials to come; check back soon!