Pittsburgh Specialty Coffee Week (PSCW) is comprised of a series of daily coffee-themed events. These events are organized by a group of coffeehouses, roasters, shops and organizations affiliated with Pittsburgh’s specialty coffee industry. It’s intent is to encourage the growth of the community of coffee professionals in Pittsburgh, to provide a platform for coffee establishments to present themselves, to engage the already existing community of non-professional coffee enthusiasts, and to increase the visibility of specialty coffee in the Pittsburgh region.

2018 marks the fourth annual PSCW, which is scheduled for October 20-27. This year’s theme is Coffee Connecting Community, and the lineup of events promises to be even better than last year! With an eye on increased collaboration between communities and shops, these forward-thinking PSCW events will serve to expand your horizons, whether you’re a seasoned industry pro or just getting your feet wet in the world of specialty coffee. Join us!